Royal Atlama İpi

Royal Atlama İpi



The jump rope has always been an excellent tool to improve your fitness. It has a soothing effect on the nerves, the respiratory system and the blood vessels. And why should the rope just be a boring device, if it can be fun and even look cool? That’s why we decided to make a rope with colored handles.
Thanks to the ball bearings, the plastic-coated rope turns in all directions, so that Double-Unders will not be a problem – be it for beginners or advanced.


  • Length: 3 m (adjustable)
  • Length of the handle: 12 cm
  • Material: aluminum
  • Pattern:
    • Camo Army
    • Camo Arrow
    • Camo Wood
    • Camo Flame

Ek bilgi

Ağırlık 5 kg

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