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Designed and manufactured in Europe.

The basic version of our Royal Rig consists of vertical beams of the highest quality, with profile of 60x60mm and are 3mm thick, for support the weight of the entire Rig. We have joined it with 1700mm or 1100mm bars and deepened with 1100mm bars (they can also be modified to 1700mm depth). The vertical columns of the Rig have holes of 25mm in diameter, to accommodate all possible additions to the standard structure. Between the holes, you can see a very large space of 3 cm.

Our Rigs are designed and built by our team of experts. We design our Rig from start to finish. Here’s how we guarantee safety, quality and a sophisticated design at the same time. In addition to this, all our Rigs have a European production certificate.

We know the needs of our buyers, and that’s why we’ve made our Rig editable. You can start with a simpler version and then add more accessories as your company grows. Once your gym expands, your rig does too.

The Royal Rig and Mighty Rig are 100% produced and tested in Europe, which is a symbol of superior quality.


  • Short bar length: 1100mm
  • Long bar length: 1700mm
  • Height: 2750mm
  • Depth: 1700mm or 1100mm
  • Color: Black
  • Accessories: optional
  • Steel: 60x60mmx3mm profile or 80x80x3mm
  • Holes: 25 mm


The system must be secured to the ground or to the wall (in concrete!).

The wall or floor attachment bolts are not included in the system.

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