Bear Komplex Black Diamond

Bear Komplex Black Diamond


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From the company that brought you the often imitated, but never duplicated, Carbon Fiber Grips, Bear KompleX is proud to announce our new Black Diamond Grips.

The Black Diamond Grips are the stickiest, tackiest, most grippy grips to ever be used for cross training. Made from a synthetic material, the Black Diamond Grips are great for Powder Coated bars and are versatile for other gymnastic and weightlifting movements. Unlike most grips on the market, Black Diamond Grips do not need chalk to stick to the bar. In fact, don’t be surprised when they hardly even hold chalk if you were to try. That’s part of the magic of the Black Diamond Grips.

Available only with 3 holes, the Black Diamond Grips come in Small thru Extra Large. With a reinforced neoprene layer on the wrist strap for increased comfort, Bear KompleX has successfully added to its product line of The Best Grips on the Planet!

*Just like on the slopes, the name Black Diamond ain’t for everybody. It’s for the highest level athletes*


1. Find your hand/wrist connection. This is where your hand and wrist meet (you should see a creased line there). This is the point to start measuring from.

2. Be sure your hand and fingers are totally straight and flat. DO NOT cup your hand or stretch your fingers backward.

3. Measure from the wrist/hand connection (where you see the crease) to the base of your middle finger. Be precise and don’t round up or down.

***If between sizes, go up to next size***

*** The grips will stretch slightly***

WARNING. Hand Grips are NOT A TOY. Any activity involving motion or height creates the possibility of serious injury or even death. This equipment should be used for its intended use only. Before using, know your limitations and the limitations of this gear. Always inspect for damage and test stability before each use and inspect to make sure all parts are secure before each use. If unsure of the proper use of this equipment seek supervision by a trained specialist.

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